Our company DNA is the
perfect combination
of knowledge &

Who we are

We combine decades of experience in mobile communications with in depth knowledge of the retail and e-logistics sectors to help you overcome your mobility challenges. A committed, experienced and dependable young team supports your business along its managed mobility pathway on strategic, operational and technical levels.

By providing unique and in-depth expertise we help you to achieve the highest possible productivity of your mobile workspaces. Our modular solutions are built on open standards, which enable you to start small, expanding your solution as your needs evolve. Working closely together with you ensure our mobility solutions are just right for your business and your organization. 

Our approach is just as an important factor as the knowledge and experience we combine. 


Decades of mobility experience, combined with indepth sector expertise, to find solutions to your challenges.


Our solutions are designed for your needs, and built on open standards with hardware and software independency.


We give you the freedom to start with basic solutions and expand gradually, as your needs evolve.


By working closely with you and your team, we guarantee mobile working solutions that match your needs.


Original minds combined with the latest technologies, generate groundbreaking solutions exceeding your expectations.