Moxx solutions in new sorting centre Post NL

Package delivery has been a rapidly-growing market ever since 2010. To keep up with this enormous growth, PostNL decided to expand their capacities by building a new package sorting centre in a new logistics business park in Nieuwegein, in the heart of the Netherlands. 

The main goal of this additional sorting centre is to serve the increasing package delivery needs and enable the company to keep pace with the rising end customer demands. In order to reach these goals, PostNL selected Moxx as their partner for multiple Enterprise Mobility Management solutions within the sorting centre.

The main process, within the centre is the sorting and delivery of the packages. The internal processes need to ensure the correct sorting of packages taking into account the hundreds of trucks. Their approximately 250 drivers are all equipped with a Panasonic FZ-N1 device, which are able to scan barcodes, track and trace the packages after they leave the centre and let customers digitally sign to approve delivery.

The cargo division of the sorting centre has also pharma and care facilities for air-conditioned transport. This requires the devices to function in a different environment, meaning they need to be equipped with special software. The software ensures the devices have the correct settings, applications and connections to fulfil the special requirements.

Perfect customer experience is the top priority for PostNL, even during peak periods such as Christmas and discount periods, so backup devices are pre-installed to support employees during these rush hours. Read more about peak hours within logistics in this article. (link)

All devices in the sorting centre are staged at Moxx headquarter to ensure instant flawless functioning upon arrival at the sorting centre. Besides the pre-staging process, Moxx has multiple repair processes in place to ensure broken devices are up and running as soon as possible. These Managed Mobility processes reduce the offline time of the devices to the minimum and support logistics workers in keeping their delivery times and meeting customer expectations.

Moxx Enterprise Mobility Management solutions offer PostNL the flexibility to expand its IT infrastructure when required and secure a reliable collaboration between different technologies, wireless networks and applications. Thanks to Moxx, PostNL is able to maximise their warehouse efficiency and embrace the growth in the omni-channel distribution environment.

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