Moxx enables innovation at ANWB

ANWB, the largest road assistance service provider in the Netherlands, launched a new, innovative and eco-friendly way of providing service to their customers; road side assistance by bike! Moxx is proud to enable ANWB in rolling out this great new bike service in several major cities around the Netherlands.

Road side assistance services are not easy to execute in larger cities. The roads are narrow, there are a lot of people and, especially during rush hour, the amount of vehicles is exceptional. To overcome these challenges the ANWB came up with a bike service. Bikes give more freedom in larger cities, they can overcome all challenges mentioned above and they are eco-friendly. To make sure the bike assistance can offer the same great services as the car assistance do, Moxx equipped them with state of the art tablets. Tablets with the same functionalities as the ANWB car terminals. They can access the ANWB database, communicate with the ANWB alarm centre, they are lightweight and the battery lasts a day. 

To make this project a great success Moxx and ANWB worked closely together with sister companies of ANWB, E.g. ADAC in Germany. The best practices from other companies were the base for a combination of a fully equipped bike and a portable tablet. With this combination the bike assistant can handle almost every incident and ANWB can offer their customers the assistance they deserve. Moxx is proud to be ANWB’s managed service provider!


Moxx enables innovation at ANWB


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