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Managed Mobility for Pick up and Drop off points

The amount of packages being sent and delivered rises every year. The logistic sector is experiencing an enormous change as the borderline between online and offline activities disappears. In this highly competitive environment “always connected customers” have ever growing and changing needs. Seamless integration of the online and offline world is utterly expected. It is a fact that today’s customers expect “pick up & drop off” to be an easy part of their daily routine, without any extra effort. Consumers demand these transactions to be done anytime, anywhere, through several touch points and devices, as simple and quick as possible.

Pick up & drop off points give customers the freedom to choose the time and location, when and where they would like to collect or drop off their packages. Places like postal offices, retail stores and small grocery stores are equipped with necessary modern mobile technology to enable postal activities outside post offices as well.

Moxx’s Innovative Hardware Abstraction Layer turns your hardware (small handheld devices, self-scanners, touch screens, mobile printer and payment terminals) into flexible mobile tools which empower your store employees to offer high quality services according to the client’s requirements. This means you have the freedom to choose the hardware which fits your needs and flawlessly connect them to your software. You can even switch between hardware vendors anytime, anywhere. Modern mobile technology (NFC, beaconing, remote health sensing, multi touch screen, e-signature) supports you in offering personalized high quality services and creates series of upselling opportunities right on the spot.

Enjoy the freedom of hardware independency and turn your pick up points into interactive sales platforms!

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Customers are in charge when it comes to picking up their packages – no matter location or time. To keep up with customer demands, PostNL decided to extend their Pick-Up Point Services in the Netherlands in a modern & cost efficient way. Moxx Mobile POS is a custom tailored pick up point with a space saving design and a web based platform which result in increased customer experience and brand loyalty.

Maarten Venhoven
Segment Manager E-logistics
Mobile: +31 6 53 59 28 14
Email: m.venhoven@moxx-mobility.com

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