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Managed Mobility for Last Mile Distribution

The rise of e-commerce with significantly evolving consumer needs - from speed to increased flexibility within delivery – holds a number of challenges and opportunities for retailers and their logistic partners.

Last-mile services – the last step in the online retail supply chain – are being considered as a key differentiator since the variety of delivery options and quality of the delivery services are major decision making criteria for online customers. Vendors are investing in new technological solutions to offer consistent and fast delivery services, regardless of time and location and to deliver more packages in less time with even higher accuracy.

By making smart use of mobile technology Moxx Managed Mobility guarantees you are in control of the “last mile” with your workers being in direct touch with the customer. They make use of enhanced mobile technology for secure signature capture, taking pictures of personal ID’s or package condition and use mobile payments at the customers doorstep for the delivery or a return. Our managed services ensure secure connection with real time visibility of the exact position and status of the devices while being used, in a cradle for charge moving outside of their geofence.

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To keep up with the e-commerce challenges and being able to offer customers fast & accurate services, PostNL decided to improve their mobile device management. With Moxx’s Mobile Workspace Management solution the number of incidents was lowered to the minimum while customer experience was increased to the max.To keep up with the rapidly changing market PostNL needed to enhance their mobile device management. Moxx implemented several managed services to improve the services of PostNL, enable them to grow alongside the booming e-commerce market and give every customer a fantastic experience.

Maarten Venhoven
Segment Manager E-logistics
Mobile: +31 6 53 59 28 14

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