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Managed Mobility for Field Service

With the dominance of online customer contact, providing excellent customer experience by every single human to human interaction is one of the top drivers in field operations.

This means your field workers become “the face of your company” and have a large impact on the customer experience. A professional interaction creates an outstanding brand image which is vital for customer retention and brand differentiation.

To make the most out of these personal interactions your field workers need to be equipped with the right set of mobile tools. You must provide them access to the necessary knowledge base and business critical data to empower them for additional tasks and services (eg. contract renewal, e-signature, mobile payment, invoice printing) – right on the sport or from their cars.

Moxx Managed Mobility assures a seamlessly operating, downtime free mobile workspace which provides secure access to confidential business critical information and supports applications round the clock. This turns your field workers into proactive and valuable partners in decisive customer facing moments.

Who already trusted us

The role of delivery within the supply chain is growing more than ever before. Customers take a central place in this and PostNL wanted to act towards this movement with the introduction of their Extra@Home service. With the implementation of the Moxx Launcher PostNL is able to use their devices flexible and in an optimal way. Like this PostNL is able to add different services to their deliveries and thus provide every customer a great experience.

Maarten Venhoven
Segment Manager E-logistics
Mobile: +31 6 53 59 28 14
Email: m.venhoven@moxx-mobility.com

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PDAs and Managed Services

Challenge: How to get a service process organized without an office being nearby?

Solution: Implementation of Remote Service and Predicted Support combined with an innovative exchange (SWAP) process.

Business value: Empowerment of field workers working.

Hardware (PDA infrastructure & Managed Services)

Challenge: Asset management & business were not able to articulate what challenges they face. Business was confronted with IT complexity, but IT was unable to understand and help the IT needs of the business side.

Solution: Implementation of Moxx developed dashboards, which tell team leaders the status of the used assets in an easily understandable way.

Business value: With the implemented Moxx solutions, IT and business understand each other much more easily, which leads to the increase of efficiency of the field workers.

Hardware & Managed Services

Challenge: To enable SAP service process running on mobile devices on the field.

Solution: Moxx Remote Control Service and embedding the service process of HP.

Business value: Moxx guarantees Douwe Egberts to operate flawlessly, while their coffee machines keep running nationwide.

Hardware platform in and around the car, running with Windows 7 & 8 connected to the ECC

Challenge: Being the key player in a mission-critical environment like road assistance, ANWB plays an important role on the road, when it comes to emergency situations in fire and police matters. The system relies on the IT infrastructure, which must secure real time communication with the Emergency Communications Center.

Solution: Moxx implemented a Mobility Platform running in Windows 7 and 8 environments.

Business value: Moxx’s mobility platform and service concept ensures ANWB permanent and secure connectivity and access to necessary resources.

Rugged tablet solution for service & project engineers in a full Windows 8 environment for operating the mobile ERP System

Challenge: To support Eneco with the adaptation of their new technology platform and to help them the organizational challenge they face with the centralization of the IT systems used.

Solution: Moxx Consultative Project Support with Windows 8. A transition from Windows mobile handhelds to a full Windows tablet experience with Panasonic Rugged tablets.

Business value: The rugged Windows 8 tablets are turning Eneco field engineers into ambassadors of the company. The field engineers operate now a professional IT platform to share information with the customer. They experience the ease of operation, the advantages of a larger screen and the reliability Moxx created for them by implementing rugged Windows 8 tablets. Field engineers appear now in a more professional way with these devices, compared to the small task oriented Windows mobile PDA’s.

Field engineers of Unicarriers supported in repairing forklift trucks by using managed tablets

Challenge: Transform UniCarriers from a "country-by-country" organization into a European Enterprise with local flexibility.

A tablet & cloud service solution that creates customized mobile platforms to support the automatization of manual administration service processes.

Business value: With Moxx , Unicarriers succeeded in aligning their service processes throughout Europe & increased their service engineer efficiency. As an added value, the employee satisfaction also improved, thanks to the convenient experience of tablets used both for business tasks & at home.