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Managed Mobility for E-fulfillment

The rapid growth in online sales and an endless lineup of new technological innovations not only changes the retail environment but also the supply chain which supports it. Customers expect accuracy and flexibility when it comes to the collection and delivery of their online placed orders.

To keep up with these demands for faster service levels and greater transparency, logistics companies are leveraging existing inventory models across various channels to push out accurate orders as quickly as possible to individual recipients. In a complex fulfilment chain like this, an even wider variety of IT components must ensure that the sorting, picking and dock loading of parcels take place with the required accuracy and traceability – every time, for each individual order.

Moxx Managed Mobility provides you the required flexibility for the expanding IT infrastructures and secures a reliable communication between all the different technologies, wireless networks and applications pushing the orders. Our managed service enables you to maximize your warehouse efficiency and embrace change in the omni-channel distribution environment.

Let us be your partner in integrating & managing the right technologies for maximum operational excellence in e-fulfillment!

Who already trusted us

With Moxx Managed Services bpost managed to improve their operation. The efficiency of workflows became more efficient thanks to which the quality of daily distribution services enhanced. This helps bpost to keep pace with the changes of the distribution market and put customer satisfaction & loyalty in first place again.

Maarten Venhoven
Segment Manager E-logistics
Mobile: +31 6 53 59 28 14

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Hardware and Managed Service Solutions for mobile workers

Challenge faced: TNT had been working with an existing system; however the costs of maintenance operation were too high.

Solution: Together we decided to change the existing hardware system and combined it with Moxx Managed Service Solutions.

Business value: TNT managed to cut their cost of operations by 40% and there has been a significant improvement in the quality of their Customer Service. Our work has been rewarded by several new projects such as: Mobile Worker Warehouse, Special Delivery Service. The goal of our cooperation is to cut a further 20% of TNT’s mobility costs, by focusing on effective usability of their mobile devices.

Managed Service Solutions for Parcel Services

Challenge faced: Due to the intensive usage of assets, the possibility of breakage is very high in this sector. There was a constant pressure on the drivers, so that they can keep up with the speed of responding requests. We were asked to come up with a service process, which fits the extreme service needs of the drivers and with the help of which the possibility of incidents is lowered to the minimum.

Solution: Mobile Service Mangement, Mobile Workspace Management, Mobile Accessories Fulfillment and Spare Management, BI analytics.

Business Value: Worry free management offered by Moxx enables PostNL to focus on their growth.

Hardware & Managed Service Solutions for bpost’s City Logistic Services

Challenge faced: bpost’s new distributing service is growing rapidly. To enable the company to keep up with this pace of changes, optimize their workflows & enable them for good quality distribution services, there was an urge for appropriate hardware for the drivers (for track & trace shipments and parcels) and looking at the possible outsource of IT tasks to a Managed Service company with an innovative approach.

Solution: Zebra TC55 terminals for drivers; Moxx Managed Services

Business value: Thanks to Moxx’s mobility knowledge & innovative solutions, together with the provided most flexible maintenance of the IT equipment bpost is enabled to operate with efficient workflow & enhance their distribution service quality.